Attention Performers: How to Participate
If you or your group is interested in performing at the Taste of the Arts click here and complete and return the form as instructed to apply.
2013 Special Events
Cinema Center: Ecstatic Theatrics presents scenes from the live stage play "Slipperzzzz! Cobb and the 12 Dancing Princesses". Admission is FREE.

1:00 PM, 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM
World Champion Pizza Acrobat performs at Food Tent C presented by B Antonio’s Pizza! Learn more here.

1:30 - 3:00 PM and 3:30 - 5:00 PM
For all kids there will be a "stretch your own pizza" and tossing event at Food Tent C presented by B Antonio’s Pizza!

7:00 - 9:00 PM
TASTING - DANCING - PAINTING: a wine tasting, salsa dancing, and painting party. Learn more here.

10:00 PM
KING KONG - An Outdoor Screening of the Original Movie. Admission is FREE. Click here for more information.

2013 Stage Schedule Click here for a festival stage map (.pdf)
Click Here for the Taste of the Arts Daytime Schedule Click Here for the WBOI Meet the Music Dessert Schedule

BAE Systems Theatre

11:00 USF School of Creative Arts
(Musical Memories)
12:00 FW Dance Collective
(Pineapple Dance Project)
1:00 Shane & Lubinka
(Ballroom Dance)
2:00 FW Civic Theatre
(songs from "Les Miserables")
3:00 Fort Wayne Ballet
(Dance Connects Us)
4:30 SheeKriStyle Academy
(Distinct Dance Performers)
5:30 Mikautadze Dance Theatre
(Comtemporary Dance Company)

Sweetwater Plaza

11:30 Wickersham Bros.
(Americana Jazz Rock)
12:30 Dances of Universal Peace
(All Sing/Dance Together)
1:30 TAIKO
(Drumming and Movement)
2:30 Eliminate All Rational Thought (EART)
(instrumental rock)
3:30 TRJE/Re-mix 2013
(Afrikan Drumming/Dance)
4:30 FW Ballet Youth Company
(Dance Connects Us)
5:30 Old Crown Brass Band
(Traditional British Style)

Evening Schedule

7:00 Fort Wayne's Children's Choir
(youth chorale)
8:00 Hope Arthur Orchestra
(original music w/20-piece orchestra)
10:00 KING KONG - An Outdoor Screening

FW Museum of Art Atrium

11:00 Cathy Serrano
(acoustic folk guitar/vocals)
12:00 Fred Rothert
1:00 Dani House
(if aliens wrote folk songs)
2:00 FW Philharmonic
(string quartet classics)
3:00 Duane Eby
(solo acoustic performer)
4:00 Avocado Shag
(cover band w/funk twist)
5:00 IPFW Voice fac/stu
(Opera arias/duets)
6:00 Raq the Rivers
(unique belly dance styles)

FW Museum of Art Auditorium

11:00 Town of Harmony
(women's barbershop chorus)
12:00 dAnce.Kontempoary
(FW professional dance company)
1:00 Amaneceres de Mexico
(Mexican traditional dance)
2:00 FW Flute Ensemble
(flutes from piccolo to bass)
3:00 Mon Women's Assoc
(Mon Culture Dance)

Carson's Foyer

11:30 Ricky Kemery
(original folk music)
12:30 FW Youtheatre
(Story Book Theatre)
1:30 NEI Poets
(poets of every society)
2:30 Distractions
(Americeltic jazz harmony)
3:30 FW Philharmonic
(string quartet classics)
4:30 Summit City Chorus
(Barbershop harmony)
5:30 String Theory
(acoustic duo's classic rock)

Evening Schedule

7:00 Taylor Fredricks Band
(acoustic meets hardcore)
8:00 Gregg Bender Trio
(acoustic rock'n blues)
9:00 Alica Pyle
(fusion classical/jazz rock/latin)

Sweetwater Academy of Music Stage
(on Dessert Stage outdoor on the corner of Berry St. and Barr St.)

11:00 Barking Greene Lamms
(Classic & Contemporary Rock)
12:00 Wild Nights
(Classic rock)
1:00 The Melon Collies
2:00 What About Joe
(Adults Rocking Like Teenagers)
3:00 Soft-N-Heavy
(Classic Rock, Funk & Blues)
4:30 Built For Blame

YLNI Market Stage

1:00 Pinky Swear
(youth rock band)
2:00 Casket Sharp
3:00 Back in Effect
(funk instructment band)
4:00 Eliminate All Rational Thought (EART)
(instrumental rock)

DID Busker Square Stage
(outdoor Freimann Square)

ongoing Robot Girl
The Harp Condition
Gypsy Face Painter
Lou Sederstrom
Many Great Musicians
Talented Jugglers
Mind-Blowing Magicians
5:00 Raq the Rivers
6:00 Pyroscope Entertainment

All-Day Event Stages

Electronic Music Artists on Main St.
Joshua Elias

Michael Rhoades' Blue Horizontal Exhibit/Installation
Auer Center's Russ Oettel Classroom (the Sights and Sounds of Numbers - Computer Generated Music and Images)

6:00 PM Ken Jehle & Fernando Tarango - each masters in their own field, Ken's classical guitar meets Fernando's savvy pop vocal for an amazingly diverse & entertaining sound.
7:00 PM Shelly Dixon & Jeff McRae - acoustic rock duo divine! Shelly Dixon & Jeff McRae are veterans of the Fort Wayne music scene. Each has served time in successful rock and country/rock bands over the past decade, but they were recently liberated to pursue the purer and more demanding - yet more satisfying - acoustic sound.
8:00 PM The Wickersham Brothers - Fronted by Fernando Tarango, the Wickersham Bros. boasts an eclectic combination of Americana Roots, JazzRock and Funk that is always as danceable as it is entertaining.
9:00 PM Breaking Tradition - A young, up and coming, brother /sister, country band from north east Indiana, inspired by country and southern rock music. The band has a strong emphasis on vocals with two and three part harmonies. They rock everything from classic tunes to the latest hits with a few surprises in between.